Disclosures as per SEBI Prohibition of Insider Trading (PIT) Regulations,2015

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Last 3 MonthsLast 6 MonthsLast 9 MonthsLast 12 Months
No. of Acquisitions27395390
No. of Sells136193320451
Total No. of Trades163232373541
No. of Shares Acquired19,01,55221,79,00824,12,31231,68,442
No. of Shares Sold1,56,61,2031,65,34,3844,42,86,0614,60,59,896
Total Shares Traded1,75,62,7551,87,13,3924,66,98,3734,92,28,338
Acquisition Value(Rs. lacs)14,966.7816,876.9218,141.9522,060.67
Sell Value(Rs. lacs)1,25,040.981,31,190.292,92,803.313,01,963.84
Total Value of Shares Traded(Rs. lacs)1,40,007.761,48,067.213,10,945.263,24,024.51
No. of Insiders Acquiring21253352
No. of Insiders Selling515991117
Total No. of Active Insiders7284124169