Period 01-AUG-2021 To 31-OCT-2021


Company RepresentativeInvestor NameAnalyst /Broker/ IR Firm NameType of MeetingMeeting Date & TimePurposePlace of EventConcall NumberAttachment
N.A.Dymon Asia Capital (Singapore) Pte.Ltd.

Paradice Investment Management Llc
N.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference20 SEP 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Highclere International Investors LlpN.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference16 SEP 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Pertento Partners Llp

Taiyo Pacific Partners Llc
N.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference15 SEP 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.N.A.Motilal OswalConference, Conference Call, One-To-One Call, video Conference14 SEP 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Axis Mutual Fund

Generation Investment Management Llp

Gib Asset Management

ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

SBI Life Insurance Co.Ltd.

Sixteenth Street Capital Pte.Ltd.
Ask Investment Managers Pvt.Ltd.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.
Conference, Conference Call, video Conference14 SEP 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Allianz Global Investors (U.S.) Llc

Canara Robeco Mutual Fund

Janchor Partners Ltd.
Jp Morgan Chase & Co.Conference, One-To-One Call, video Conference14 SEP 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Aberdeen Standard Investments (Asia) Ltd.N.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference10 SEP 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Jk Capital Management Ltd.N.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference09 SEP 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Carrhae Capital Llp

Matthews International Capital Management Llc
N.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference08 SEP 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Hill fort Capital Partners Ltd.N.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference07 SEP 2021N.A.NoidaSOURCE DOC
N.A.Driehaus Capital Management LlcN.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference02 SEP 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Bmo Global Asset ManagementN.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference01 SEP 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.First Sentier Investors Services Pty.Ltd.N.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference24 AUG 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Somerset Capital Management LlpN.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference19 AUG 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Stewart InvestorsN.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference18 AUG 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Eastspring Investments Services Pte.Ltd.N.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference16 AUG 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Fred Alger Management Inc.N.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference11 AUG 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Anholt Services (Usa) Inc.N.A.Conference Call, One-To-One Call09 AUG 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC
N.A.Bmo Global Asset Management

Platinum Asset Management Ltd.
N.A.One-To-One Call, video Conference04 AUG 2021N.A.SOURCE DOC

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